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AMY ROUTMAN is an architect living and working in New York City. In every project, Amy responds to the program and context in an individualized and personal way, from the overall concept to the smallest detail. She works closely with her clients to define their needs and desires, and to see these thoughts and interests sensitively realized in the final product. She brings her careful and personalized attention to every aspect of every project.


Amy received her B. A. from Barnard College where she majored in Architecture and minored in Art History. She went on to receive her Masters in Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.  In parallel to her architectural activities, Amy maintains an active participation in the visual arts.  She has studied life drawing and painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City.  She has trained in plein air painting in Buonconvento and Montalcino, Italy and New York City.  Her painting and drawing are a meaningful part of her everyday life as well as her architectural practice. 


Amy brings this multidisciplinary background, her deep involvement in aesthetics, and her hands-on experience with visual art into each architectural project. Color, material, line, texture, and proportion all inform the overall experience and execution of her work.


In addition to her architectural and interior projects, Amy has professional experience in furniture design, film set design, exhibition, and gallery design. 

Amy is a licensed architect in the state of New York. She regularly contributes to the online magazine with a series of interviews of various creative personalities, including artists, architects, and designers.

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